Store-cupboard Brekkies

Yes, it’s another porridge post!

I figured everyone needed something calming after all yesterday’s… excitement.

So, got up at six this morning to get the firstborn on the bus to college. Starving. REALLY starving. And thought, “Aha! Porridge! I think I’ll just swing by Tesco and pick up some blueberries and yogurt raisins to go on top.” Then remembered that it was the crack of dawn and Tesco’s was firmly shut till eight. Foiled again!

Stared moodily into the cupboard. Tried another cupboard with no better result. Rifled through the tins, and found a small tin of crushed pineapple. Inspiration struck! So herein may I proudly present:


Oh, yeah.

First you make your plain ordinary porridge. Then you add half the tin of pineapple, and mix it in.


If you like cinnamon, add a goodish sprinkle, and mix again.


I intended to add shredded or dessicated coconut to the actual porridge as it was cooking, but a quick search through the kitchen cupboards revealed that after last month’s ill-advised out-of-date-food blitz, I didn’t have any, so I substituted a good glug from a tin of coconut milk. This had the unexpected but welcome side-effect of making the whole thing very creamy-tasting. Cat optional. *Cat-hair probably not optional.

(*see my post from a few days ago)


At this point I tasted it, decided it wasn’t quite pineappley enough, and dumped in the rest of the tin.

Top with a proud twirl of aerosol cream and a leetle sprinkle of demarara sugar, et voila!


If you don’t have to actually function today, you could go the whole hog and add Malibu. Just sayin’.

Tastes nice cold, too.


5 thoughts on “Store-cupboard Brekkies

  1. I’m embarassed to say I too have tried that, more for budget reasons than diet–you know, when they have a sale of ten cans for a ten dollars and you have a lifetime supply of pineapple?

    It’s good, isn’t it?

  2. OK, I’m going to be Grouchy Old Man, here. You’re trying to conquer the world and break down walls by throwing heavy stuff at the Highland Games. It’s not going to be easy, both from a workout/physical standpoint and from the standpoint of breaking down social expectations and customs (women don’t DO this stuff!). So show us pictures and videos of you throwing at practice and lifting at the gym, not blog posts about your fingernail polish and what you mixed up for breakfast. You’re a good writer and a hilarious read. So use those skills to show us what it’s like in the gym and on the field for a newbie female, out to make some changes in her world.

    Sincerely, with much love, kisses and an overnight shipment of glitter nail polish,

    Grumpy Old Alan H

    • That’s what I love about you, Alan – you’re grumpy as heck, then you come up with love, kisses AND glitter nail polish!
      I am suitably chastised. Feel free to ignore the posts about food and fingernail fashion. But I will make sure I’m erring on the side of the whole point of writing this blog, which is to chronicle my progress as a Highland athlete!

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