Supergirl and the Killer Flamingos!

For all of you who have been jonesing for photographic proof that actual Highland Gamesiness is going on up here – your day has come. Well, kind of…

Remember ‘The Little Dance’? Here it is:


Oh yeah, shake it baby!

For the record, I now have several new and interesting moves to add to my repertoire.

The first is something akin to Morris Dancing, but without bells.

And with a bigger stick.


The obligatory “duck-face pose” avec caber. All the guys are doing it this year.


Did I mention it’s a very, VERY big stick?


Actually, it’s MY very, very big stick. Caber envy, anybody?


OK, got my stick, who wants to dance?

The second new move is a Highland tribute to Michael Jackson’s seminal music video from the 1980s. I’m just calling it ‘Killer’:


Then, of course, since we’re dealing in cheesiness, how could I possibly leave out ‘Supergirl’?


Thematically linked by the concept of flight is the expressive ‘Aeroplanes’:


And moving seamlessly from powered flight to the animal kingdom, I give you the Highland Flamingo:


My Bangles tribute, ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’:


And last but not least, to end on a classical note, here we see the Highland Ballet:


Yes. It’s going to be an interesting summer!


19 thoughts on “Supergirl and the Killer Flamingos!

    • I do love my caber, it makes me feel excessively bad-ass! How did I get into this? Totally by accident, I have to say! I happened to be visiting the area for some reason or other last August, and my friend and I were at a loose end for the afternoon, and decided we’d go to the North Berwick Highland Games (about 30 miles east of Edinburgh), where we watched two women competing in the Heavy Events, and I decided on the spot that I seriously loved the whole thing enough to want to do it myself.
      If you scroll sedately right down to the very bottom of this blog (don’t panic, it only goes back to March!), you’ll find my first post, called ‘Let’s Get This Party Started – Right!’ (it’s a reference to a song called ‘Dance Commander’ by Electric Six… you can tell I have teenage kids, can’t you?), and it explains aaalll about the day at North Berwick, and how it all happened.
      Have fun, and thanks for following!

  1. LOVE the duckface! Fabulous kilt, too. The shot of you carrying it is also a great one. So just how softly do you speak your stick is that big?

      • I officially declare that being the new saying. “Speak softy and carry a big stick. Or, don’t speak at all and carry a fucking TREE.” (Also I realized after I got to work that it’s WALK softly but let’s face it, if you’re walking around with a big stick OR a whole tree, you’re going to get enough attention that you won’t have to say things twice.)

  2. I love reading your blog posts …you have such a great sense of humor 🙂 I love these pictures … priceless …funny and that really is a huge pole ….

  3. Nice. Now pick which end of your stick you want to grapple with, and round that sucker off, bigtime….like so it’s about as roundy as a grapefruit. You’ll need something more aggressive than sandpaper and patience for this…maybe a belt sander, or a grinder. Well, unless you have a LOT of patience. Your hands will thank me.

    PS: you look hott.

    PPS: get some help from someone in the know about how to pick up that thing. Lesson #1 is how to pick it up. Lesson #1 is IMMEDIATELY followed by lesson #2 which is how to GET AWAY FROM IT WHEN YOU LOSE CONTROL.

    Lesson #2. A.) Fast B.) push it away and get AWAY C.) AWAY from it. D.) AWAY –>> points E. through Q. are the same as points C and D.

    When you pick the caber and it rolls around or tries to drive you over backwards or whatever horrid thing it will do when it gets out of balance, when you reach the point of no return, GET OUT. Try to put your big stick down, sort of nicely off to one side, but do NOT try to hold on to it. Get AWAY from it. That stick can bounce back and can put you in the hospital with a broken jaw or collarbone so fast that it’s not funny. I will also tell you, dear Kinetikat, do NOT straddle a caber that you just bailed out on.

    Be strong, be safe. And watch this video.

    That’s Dan McKim, pretty much without a doubt the best caber thrower in the world right now.

    Dan is the ONLY guy who carries a caber that high. However, you absolutely don’t want to go around with your arms hanging straight down. So pick the caber and then tuck it up so that your hands are about navel-level. Thats’ where you will carry it. See how Dan laces his fingers together and squeezes the caber between his palms? That’s what you do.

    The pick…you will have to practice this many times. Get down, girl…strong, wide base. Don’t be picking any sticks with your ankles together, spread ’em! LOL … get your arse DOWN…reach down as far as you can. If you can get your fingertips brushing the grass, that’s great. Now, *SQUEEZE* the caber between your palms. When it comes time to pick the caber, don’t mamby-pamby it around and come up slow. You have to GO for it…COMMIT… use your legs and come up FAST. POP that caber up, then super-quick, get your hands under it with your fingers still laced together. Now get it to your belly button.

    Dan McKim stares at the ground as he runs. He’s the ONLY guy who does that…everybody else looks down the field. I’d suggest looking down the field. Go go go go go…at least half a dozen steps. Get some speed up. Then, before the caber starts to come off your shoulder STOP and pop as HARD AS YOU CAN, straight up…but dear Kineticat….you are not pulling with your arms. Well..I mean, sure you are, to some degree. But really, you are *EXPLODING* with your legs and hips. This is why you do squats in the gym. Make them count, make every squat you ever did pay off. KABOOM, with the HIPS.

    Knock that bad boy over, girlfriend!

    Did you hear where Dan said it took him 5 Games until he turned his first Caber? It took me six.

    Here it is —

    • I have no idea – no way for me to weigh it unfortunately, but going by its length and diameter, it’ll be somewhere between 50 and 80lbs. More if it’s rained in the night and it’s absorbed some water.

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