Sue Rann: solo parent of 3 teens; crime/thriller and SFF author; editor and book doctor; illustrator and cartoonist; also now, it seems, athlete. Lives in North-East England with far too many kids and animals for any sane person. Currently troubled in her editorial bones by trying to write this profile snippet in third person like some ego-crazed superstar; addicted to coffee, broadband, sushi with lots of wasabi, and lateral thinking.

Troubled Editor


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  1. Brill sis. I await your first games with interest. I will be supporting, but only if i get the T-shirt!!!!!!

  2. I am really liking your blog… would love to read some of what you have written if it is up anywhere to be read?? thanks for the laughs

    • Hi Douglas (Doug?),
      nice to hear from you, glad you’re enjoying the blog!
      If you’re interested in reading an extract from my crime/thriller ‘Looking For Mr Nobody’, you can find a chapter here: http://www.infinityplus.co.uk/stories/mrnobody.htm
      LFMN may be available via Amazon or other bookseller sites secondhand, though I doubt if you’ll find it anywhere new. If you have trouble getting hold of a copy get in touch.
      If you’re interested in SFF, and particularly if you’re a fan of ‘Stargate Atlantis’, I have been messing around with a bit of fanfiction recently; my ongoing story, ‘Blind Guide’, can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7892873/1/Blind_Guide

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  4. Great blog here, and great idea behind it! I need to read things like this to motivate myself to do the same (I’m just aiming for a local 12km fun run though…certainly no Highland Games)!
    Your blog posts make me laugh though, especially the cat hair one (I have had this experience before). 🙂

  5. If i am to be your cheif Support Team leader (STL) then i need the T-shirt (have i mentioned that before????) and a matching kilt – i am NOT kidding.
    Oh yes, you are doing great, rah rah rah – runs on with pretend water bottle and towel.

  6. Soooo? How did it go? Did you bottle it, or drop it, or are you the hero of Blackford 2012?

    Either way, you’re our hero for giving it a go!

  7. Helloooooooo! OMG! Another fair Soul with ambitions as I! I’m a 46yo female who inspires to enter the Heavy events! And I’m Scottish! Well, by marriage anyhow! OMG! Love your blog which made me cry (with joy). I don’t have any thing to throw at the moment and trying to DIY something with my kettlebells, ropes, and sandbags. I’m currently training so I don’t hurt myself but being in the Forces has kept me in some sort of shape! Would love to compete with you and any info and advise is greatly appreciated. Hope to have some email correspondence and maybe next time i’m up in Scotland we can meet over coffee/tea/beverage of your choice. (hope you are close to Ayrshire…I don’t drive…me…left hand side driver….henfrilangy

    • Fab to hear from someone else who’s interested in the Heavies! You go for it, girl! As you’ll see if you scroll down my blog posts, I have an array of crap-u-tastic home-made gear, including a kettle-bell on a piece of rope, so go ahead and construct. Have a look at my second home on http://www.xmarksthescot.com and go to the ‘Athletics’ section, where you’ll find all sorts of useful stuff on training and how to make your own gear, and lots of helpful people too. I live in Northumberland when I’m not zipping back and forth across the glens, how about you?

      • Haven’t seen a blog from you in a wee while! I’m hoping to attend the Cowel Highland games (as a spectator mind you). Look forward to your next blog!

  8. Oh…btw…i’d have a little wee flag close to yours on the throws (hopefully)….henfrilangy

  9. Me…just down here in Cambrigeshire (due to work). I travel up with my husband to Scotland almost once a month but do not know anyone involved in the Games. I don’t know where “mini games” are so I can maybe participate. Dont’ know how to become a member or what organization I need to inquire to.

    I’m scouring the local High School track n field folks for old throwing stuff I can beg, borrow or steel (well not “steal”). Looks like there might be an old hammer laying about. So my hopes are high for that. Until then, I’ll throw my battling rope or at least do some rotational exercises with it. I’m kinda weary of the weight over the bar. I’m thinking about tossing a medicine ball over my head…just in case it lands right on it LOL. So my main issue is finding women friendly games to participate in. I’m not as brave as you but I guess if I want to play…I gotta play with the big boys!

  10. ah jes read yer most recent post. why THAT is not in the W P phreshlee prest category, means … they’re not readin’ everything. it should be be. i had so much fun readin’ it.

  11. dont know if you still read these as i see its been a while, but i am a para-chair highland games athlete lol, and i feel your comment about looking like a flamingo in a group of elephant seals. I get interesting looks and comments until i start throwing lol. I have decided i can still do whatever i want to i just have to do it differently and that messes with alot of peoples heads.

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